To all mountain bike riders – Launching of new Tulbagh MTB routes!!

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On Saturday August 29th 2015, we are officially opening the Tulbagh MTB Club's latest routes and all interested riders are invited to come ride and enjoy this world class spectacular route. Besides our local riders, we are also expecting around 200 or more visiting riders as well and although it is not a race or any officially timed event, it is going to be an event to be experienced and not missed.

  • There is no official starting time but we will open the route from approximately 08h00 by Manley's Wine Estate. The bulk of the riders are planning on departing at 08h30. [Click here for Directions to Manley's]
  • The route has not been 100% mapped yet but is approximately 35km with an estimated 1,300m in elevations and all of which about 80% are single tracks! 
  • There arel a few sections where short-cuts can be taken for those who do not want to spend 3 1/2 hours in the saddle... 
  • Riders can park at Manley’s and check-in. The restaurant will be open for coffee and lunch - as will the wine cellar I'm sure.
  • As we need to ensure all necessary details are covered, all riders must obtain a day-permit for this ride (Club-members pay R 20.00, non-members R50.00) - these funds go to the club and are used to maintain routes.
  • Johan Rabie from Bike Addict from Malmesbury is sponsoring a number of Lucky Draw gifts (services, shirts & misc. gear). We may have a few other sponsors to come forward as well so everyone has an equal      chance to walk away with something nice (besides a thrilling experience!). 

Route description:

  1. The starting section of the route entails a beautiful new 5 - 6km section of single track that starts across the road by Manley's and follows and criss-crosses the river all the way up to Steinthal. 
  2. From there we cross into Steinthal and head to the start of the original Bone Trail - here the route will split in two for the extreme riders to access and include the Bone Trail itself and where the more social riders can      save their strength for the next 25 - 30km and bypass this section.
  3. The two routes will meet up again on Schalkenbosch where the single track crosses the Confucius bridge and then follows the traditional Schalkenbosch route all the way until the Poplar forest.
  4. Coming out of this poplar forest, instead of turning right back to Sagtevlei, one continues straight onto the start of the 2nd new section. This carries the route past the Saddle dam and around the Schalkenbosch Homestead from where the tired riders can turn back if need be.
  5. The riders with are grit can continue and follow the new single track that traverses all the way to La Bruyere from where we take the road back to Manley’s.

Tulbagh MTB Club rules will apply ( and all riders will be asked to obtain a day-permit at Manley’s, this costs only R 50.00 and which covers all parties from a liability perspective.

It must be added and emphasized that this route adds a truly unique item to Tulbagh as a MTB destination and something the various accommodation, tour and activity parties should take note of, and spread to potential visitors. According to the MTB boffins (of which I do not claim to be one), this latest addition brings the Tulbagh MTB Club's routes in the top 4 or 5 routes in the country. This is naturally something that will benefits a greater percentage of the community.

This could not have been done without the huge efforts and input by Deon & Stewart Wilkins who has spent months building these trails with their own workers at their own expense.

It would naturally not have been possible without the consent and support from the land owners so let’s not forget to treat the surrounding lands with the respect it deserves!

We emphasize that this is neither a race nor an official event and there will be no marshals, (official) watering points, medical, technical or other support - all riders are entirely responsible for their own.

We look forward to seeing you all there - feel free to contact me, Grant or Deon if you have any questions.